Reduces the amount of the water bills by 15%.
An investment that pays of itself within a few months.
Can be owned with purchase or rental options according to you preference.

Flexible application sizes. Can be used in the water treatment plants of a small industrial facility or a hotel and, even for a city center.
Treated backwash water is the wastewater from the initial that generates from the backwashing of, multimedia, active carbon filters and softeners. These type of water with only a high level of suspended solids is one of the wastewater types that are is the easiest to recycle. In its backwashing process each conventional filter discharges 5% of the water it produces per day. In case of a facility using multimedia, active carbon filters and a softener, we could say that it wastes about 15% of the water produced per day as backwash water.

Rielli submerged or pressure type ultrafiltration plants filter all the suspended solids including viruses as may be present in the backwash water. This makes it possible to generate a high quality of recycled water that may be used as raw water, RO feeding water or in some cases directly as product water. A facility that uses a Rielli backwash water recycling plants could save up to 15% of the water costs and, this investment pays itself within only a few months.

Filter Backwash Water