Recovery of Filter Backwash Waters

Reduces the number of water bills by 15%. An investment that pays off within a few months. Can be owned with the purchase or rental options according to your preference.

Flexible application sizes. Can be used in the water treatment plants of a small industrial facility or a hotel and, even in a city center.
Treated backwash water is the wastewater from the initial that generates from the backwashing of, multimedia, active carbon filters, and softeners. This type of water with only a high level of suspended solids is one of the wastewater types that are the easiest to recycle. In its backwashing process, each conventional filter discharges 5% of the water it produces per day. In the case of a facility using multimedia, active carbon filters, and a softener, we could say that it wastes about 15% of the water produced per day as backwash water.

Filtre Ters Yıkama Sularının Geri Kazanımı

Rielli submerged or pressure-type ultrafiltration plants filter all the suspended solids including viruses as may be present in the backwash water. This makes it possible to generate a high quality of recycled water that may be used as raw water, RO feeding water or in some cases directly as product water. A facility that uses a Rielli backwash water recycling plant could save up to 15% of the water costs and, this investment pays itself within only a few months.

Recovery of Filter Backwash Waters

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