We’re Merging Our Expertise in Industrial Devices with the Marine Sector through Rielli Water Makers

Our 30-year accumulation of knowledge in industrial treatment devices, which has established us as Turkey’s global water treatment brand, has been utilized in the production of Rielli water makers.

The water makers we specifically produce for boats will play a vital role in your long-term sea voyages. These special devices, by purifying seawater from salt and other contaminants and converting it into drinkable water, will become your closest companion in the open seas.


In automatic packages, wireless RF remote control and wired remote control are mounted on the panel with the feedback signal.

• Digital control panel. (Valid for the automatic package)

• SS316 flowmeter for product water.

• SS316 low and high-pressure gauges.

• Instantaneous flow and conductivity measurement.

• Automatic freshwater flushing system. (Valid for the automatic package)

• Vibration dampers at pump and skid mounts.

• Modular design for easy installation in tight spaces.

• Stainless steel skid.

• Flexible, high-pressure pipes for easy installation.

• Highly durable FRP membrane housing.

• Double-stage pre-filter. (25 and 5-micron filters)

• SS316 high-pressure fittings with quick coupling for easy maintenance and assembly.

• SS316 drain line and flush control valves.

• SS316 high-pressure fittings with quick coupling for easy maintenance and assembly.

• SS316 drain line and flush control valves.

• SS316 low and high-pressure switches.

• Activated carbon filter in the flush line.

• Filmtec RO membranes.

• Interpump high-pressure pump.

• Calpeda feed pump.


“All units are delivered in fumigated wooden cages suitable for international transport.”

Reverse Osmosis



teknik servis

Extensive Technical Service Network

Nationwide Rapidly Accessible Technical Service & Support Network

Modular Design

Maximized space efficiency with membranes and equipment that can be mounted in separate areas

Domestic Production

The quality and perfection brought by 30 years of experience

Produced with High-Quality Standards.

Rielli Water Makers are flawlessly manufactured, undergoing compatibility tests at various quality and integration stages, from the equipment arriving at our production site to the finished product. An investment that starts paying for itself from day one! By using Rielli water makers, you can produce your water anywhere, avoiding the necessity to purchase water at high prices.

We procure equipment at every stage of production from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We source equipment at every stage of production from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our consistent efforts over the years have brought us together with the world’s leading equipment brands. As a result, we source almost every piece of equipment used in each device we produce directly from the manufacturer. This includes relationships with leading RO membrane producers worldwide and RO membranes specially produced for the Rielli brand. This approach is not merely cost-focused, as it may seem at first glance; it also ensures we are the first to offer you the latest technology, thanks to the technical knowledge transferred through the relationship between the two producing institutions.

We work, design, and produce with a strong experience network.

We work, design, and produce with a robust network of experience. With our company culture that values not just customer loyalty, but also employee dedication; we work, design, and produce focused on efficiency, with the strong expertise and quality presented together with our technicians and engineers with whom we have worked for many years

Delivered in very short lead times
We manufacture most of our Rielli Plants based on special projects designed according to your orders. We keep most of the components at stock in a way that they are ready for the production or get them quickly since we directly work with the manufacturers and deliver them to you within the shortest period of lead time. We are capable of meeting your extremely short deadlines that you may request thanks to our flexible and large production capacity, advanced logistics facilities and manufacturing technologies.
Unique user experience
Each Rielli reverse osmosis plant comes with a user manual specially prepared for the respective project. Our technical team provides user training after the installation, issues certifications upon the successful completion. Using follow-up tables, online monitoring and after sales services we guarantee the lifetime proper operation of our plants as per your needs and expectations. Our installation and after sales technicians are at your service for your Rielli equipment wherever it is installed throughout the world: whether in a remote village of Ethiopia or in a holiday hotel of the Philippines.
Expert staff of engineers
We offer optimum solutions using projection software from different manufacturers of membranes. Manufacturing the Rielli plants we know how to use the tradition and the latest technology in harmony. Our staff of engineers are our fellows who have been with us during most of time of our journey to success. Thanks to these great engineers, who combine their experience in our company with their knowledge and skills, and to our software that we continuously update, we are capable of designing and manufacturing such osmosis equipment, which provide you with the most optimal solutions in terms of investment and operating costs.
28 years of experience
Corporate experience behind each Rielli equipment manufactured is more than a quarter-century, but the experience behind the brand Rielli is based on the tradition of a family which has been in the production business since 1955.

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