Soilless Agriculture Applications

Agriculture can even be soilless but never waterless. In cases where the environment and climate conditions are not suitable, special climatic conditions are created in greenhouses. Even in case of lack of land or insufficient soil quality soilless agriculture (hydroponic agriculture) is possible in greenhouses. But agriculture without water is impossible!

That’s why in Rielli we use our technology to produce water treatment plants that provide top-quality water for agriculture. Our ultrafiltration plants purify the water from all suspended solids down to 0,01-micron size. Besides eliminating all fouling in drop irrigation systems this also provides microorganism free water for misting equipment.

Seracılık ve Topraksız Tarım

In case of having the reach to high salinity and high TDS water sources only, Rielli reverse osmosis technology is the best solution for desalination provides low TDS fresh water suitable for irrigation.

Rielli water treatment plants not only treat the water from the source but also enable to recycle of the used water in the greenhouse and so create savings on a critical source.

Why use treated water by Rielli plants :

– Quicker growing corps
– High efficiency in limited areas
– High-quality and healthy products
– Minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination
– Savings in water consumption
– Increased competitiveness
– High profitability

Treatment Methods Used in Soilless Agriculture and Greenhouse Applications:

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