Litree Zen MBR Membranes

Litree MBR membranes we use in the production of Rielli MBR plants make free your water even from viruses

Pore sensitivity of the membranes used in the Rielli MBR plants would not allow even viruses pass through. In this manner, it provides treated water free from microorganisms without the need for an additional disinfection chemical most of the time.

One of the smallest pore diameters at the sector with a filtering sensitivity of 0.02 microns Such a sensitive filtration keeps all Suspended Solids and microorganisms as may be present in the water. This structure delivers the most sensitive filtration within the scope of ultrafiltration.

Litree Zen MBR Membranları

Despite this small pore diameter, it runs at low pressures and consumes fewer power thanks to its hydrophilic materials. Under the appropriate conditions, it may run without the operation of its suction pump.

Consumes less power by 70%. The highest cost item in an MBR plant is the cost of power consumed for the ventilation of the membranes. Rielli MBR plants, where Litree MBR cartridges manufactured with the ZEN technology are used, consume less energy by 70% providing the same efficiency compared a normal MBR plant.

Provides Longer Service Life Operating costs are reduced since the chemical washing period of the membranes is longer by 2-4 times compared to equivalents.

Will not break off. Each membrane filter resists a tensile force of up to 20 kg and does not break off.

Will not be clogged. Thanks to its special structure, it is not clogged by mud especially on junction points.

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