Wastewater Recycling, Generation of Process Water From Wastewater

Atıksu Geri Kazanımı, Atıksudan Proses Suyu Üretimi

With Rielli treatment plants facilities and factories can recycle their domestic wastewater or industrial wastewater and reach zero liquid discharge (ZLD) level. Wastewater recycling is relatively simpler for domestic wastewater which is recycled by using the MBR and RO plants, but in the case of industrial facilities, the process of recycling industrial wastewater becomes much more complicated.

To apply the most optimal Rielli recycling solution, our engineers analyze the characteristic of the wastewater in detail and evaluate the possible use techniques and possible settling locations for a plant. As a result of these analyses, our clients are advised about the most optimal and affordable wastewater recycling solution.

Gri Su Geri Kazanımı

When designing a Rielli wastewater recycling plant, we pay great attention to ensuring that it is in perfect harmony with the needs of the management team, technical and engineering managers, and operators of the client. In this context, the following facts are considered to design and produce the most optimal solutions for the respective users;

In terms of management Initial investment cost, investment financing, operating costs, the cost of water production, and the financial efficiency of the investment

In terms of engineering Requirements of the facility, physical conditions, the characterization and scarcity of the raw water, and if possible the post-process recovery of the water to be used for the facility.

In terms of application No additional workload on the operators, easy-to-monitor, efficient automation, logistics for spare parts and consumables, and many other additional needs and features.

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