Water from WC sinks and showers is called grey water and, consists of 40% of the consumption for people in buildings. It is important to choose the right technology to treat this grey water as when treated properly it can be used   for many purposes, such as irrigation toilet flushes and etc. In this regard, where simple ventilation and filtration solutions cannot provide sufficient efficiency, Rielli MBR technology has been effectively and efficiently recycling grey water for years.


With the Rielli MBR type grey water recycling plants:
Odorless and non-staining water is generated
BOD level of the recycled water is less than 5 mg/lt and, it never stinks
Quality of the recycled water is most of the time higher than that of the raw water
Savings of  up to 40% in the water bills can easily be reached
Investment pays off itself within a period of 12-16 months
Much less energy consumption thanks to its advanced MBR technology
Easy to operate and maintain
Requires much less maintenance and consumables during its long service life
Rielli MBR technique is used to recycle gray water.