With ZEN technology consumes 70 % less energy when compared to flat sheets and 50 % less energy when compared to other hollow fibers


plants and modules

Rielli membrane bioreactor MBR plants combine the biologic waste water treatment with the ultrafiltration membrane technology to deliver a superior level of wastewater treatment. With this technology, it is possible to carry out operations such as treatment of hard-to-treat water, advanced level of waste water treatment, water recycling etc. and in very small footprints  almost less than one third of a conventional plant. MBR technology is also one of the most appropriate solutions which does not require any new constructions but also increases  the capacity  of existing waste water treatment plants.

Competitive prices increase your competitive power.

We purchase each component that we use in the production of Rielli MBR  plants directly from the manufacturers.  As a matter of our production capacity we purchase large volumes of  components, which decreases our cost and, thus increases your competitive power. We manufacture our products cost-efficiently and productively without compromising our quality and occupational safety. Our business model enables you to save money when purchasing our products and forms a part of our policy to increase the competitiveness of our partners.

Manufactured at higher quality standards.

As a result of many quality control and compatibility tests during the entire process of production from the raw materials to the finished products,  in particular, at the integration stage. Rielli UF equipment are manufactured  with perfection to match our high quality standards

Delivery in very short lead times .

We manufacture most of our Rielli Plants based on special projects designed according to your orders. We keep most of the components at stock in a way that they are ready for the production or get them quickly since we directly work with the manufacturers and deliver them to you within the shortest period of lead time. We are capable of meeting your extremely short deadlines that you may request thanks to our flexible and large production capacity, advanced logistics facilities and manufacturing technologies.

Manufactured based on an experience of 27 years.

Corporate experience behind each Rielli equipment manufactured is more than a quarter-century, but the experience behind the brand Rielli is based on the tradition of a family which has been in the production business since 1955.

Expert staff of engineers;

We offer optimum solutions using projection software from different manufacturers of membranes. Manufacturing the Rielli plants we know how to use the tradition and the latest technology in harmony. Our staff of engineers are our fellows who have been with us during most of time of our journey to success. Thanks to these great engineers, who combine their experience in our company with their knowledge and skills, and to our software that we continuously update, we are capable of designing and manufacturing such osmosis equipment, which provide you with the most optimal solutions in terms of investment and operating costs.

Unique user experience

Each Rielli MBR plant comes with a user manual specially prepared for the respective project. Our technical team provides user training after the installation, issues certifications upon the successful completion. Using follow-up tables, online monitoring and after sales services we guarantee the lifetime proper operation of our plants as per your needs and expectations. Our installation and after sales technicians are at your service for your Rielli equipment wherever it is installed throughout the world: whether in a remote village of Ethiopia or in a holiday hotel of the Philippines

An investment that pays off itself from the day one thanks to financing opportunities specially designed for you.

Financial facts and figures are presented on the first page of every Rielli MBR plant offer. So potential clients can see on the first page the financial advanteags of owning a Rielli plant. The initial investment cost, operating cost, return of investment perios and many other related data is presented in details. Your investment can positively contribute to your cash flow thanks to the options of purchase or rental of the equipment or purchase of the water produced making use of the financial possibilities that we can bring you.

We use the one of the best and energy efficient MBR membranes on the market.

We get the MBR membranes that we use in the production directly from Litree, one of the world’s best manufacturers, which allows us to be the first one to offer the most advanced technologies for the most affordable prices.

Most of our technicians and engineers have been working for our company for many years.

We are not only preferred by our customers but also by our employees, which allows us to have a well-established corporate culture with a technical experience of decades focusing on quality and productivity. Would you too like to be a part of this experience?

Litree MBR membranes we use in the production of Rielli MBR plants make free your water even from viruses.

Pore sensitivity of the membranes used in the Rielli MBR plants would not allow even viruses pass through. In this manner, it provides treated water free from microorganisms without the need for an additional disinfection chemical most of the time.
One of the smallest pore diameters at the sector with a filtering sensitivity of 0.02 microns Such a sensitive filtration keeps all Suspended Solids and microorganisms as may be present in the water. This structure delivers the most sensitive filtration within the scope of ultrafiltration.
Despite this small pore diameter, it runs at low pressures and consume less power thanks to its hydrophilic materials. Under the appropriate conditions, it may run without the operation of its suction pump.
Consumes less power by 70%. The highest cost item in a MBR plant is the cost of power consumed for the ventilation of the membranes. Rielli MBR plants, where Litree MBR cartridges manufactured with the ZEN technology are used, consume less energy by 70% providing the same efficiency compared a normal MBR plant.

Provides Longer Service Life Operating costs are reduced since the chemical washing period of the membranes is longer by 2-4 times compared to equivalents.

Will not break off. Each membrane filter resists a tensile force of up to 20 kg and does not break off.

Will not be clogged. Thanks to its special structure, it is not clogged by mud especially on junction points.