Fast and accessible service guarantee …

You can obtain the following original spare parts and consumables directly from our company and our authorized dealers to ensure that your Rielli brand devices operate at their first day of efficiency throughout their entire service life.
All Reverse Osmosis Devices, Membrane Bioreactor Unit Modules, Ultrafiltration Products and Modules, Softening and Demoineralization System, Spare Parts and Electrodeionization All consumable parts of EDI units are provided at RIELLI with a 365 day guarantee.

Our Technical service department will gladly provide you the following equipment, spare parts and chemicals.

Automation control valves : Clack, Fleck, Canature
Actuator controlled valves : Tork, Convalv
FRP pressure vessels, cabinets and brine tanks : Rielli, Structural, Canature
Ion exchange resin, activated carbon, particle and ion filtrating minerals and chemicals : Rielli, Dowex, Purolite, Jacobi,
Cartridge filter housings and cartridges : Atlas Filtri, Canature
Chemical dosing systems and equipment : Antech, Seko, Grundfos
UV units and spare parts : Rielli

For all your needs of technical services and spare parts please contact us through

Call +90 216 337 2237
Email ts@rielli.com
Whatsapp +90 531 500 5840

Separator filters and multri cartridge filters : Rielli
RO membrane housings made of FRP or SS for 300 to 1200 psi : Rielli, Codeline, BEL
UF ve MBR membranes : Lİtree
RO membranes : Rielli, Filmtec, LG
RO automation control equipment : Rielli, Create
Antiscaling agents and membrane cleaning chemicals : Swissquest
High pressure pumps : Danfoss, Grundfos, Interpump, LEO