High ROI with very short pay back time

Rielli water recovery and recycling plants pay the investment back in periods down to 6 months.

Tailor made financial solutions

You can benefit from the advantages of a Rielli plant by tailored financial solutions. These include alternatives of rental or lease with providing positive cash flow from the first day of investment.

Aesthetic and ergonomic design

Rielli’s human oriented aesthetic and ergonomic design is tried to be imitated. Only imitated !

Low energy consumtion

The technology that we us in Rielli plants consume up to 70 % less energy when compared to its conventional equivalents. Thus Rielli plants provide the most profitable investment alternative.

Custom made design and production

All plants we produced till now have been custom made solutions. Thus our clients have been able to own optimized solutions that have small footprint, consume less energy and operate with high efficiency.

Small footprint

Rielli plants are compact units which are difficult for us to produce but easy for the owner to settle and operate. Rielli plants with smart technology incrase the efficiency of your facility